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NOAA Hurricane Outlook

You may remember back at the beginning of April, the Klotzback report was published summarizing the expectations for the upcoming hurricane season.  Those finding suggested the season would Continue reading NOAA Hurricane Outlook

Sand Key Video: Thrashing Sand Key in May

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again. That was a really awesome May.  This video features high performance surfing from an incredible spring swell, just one swell of a series of swells from this epic month. The warm conditions and high surf repeating throughout the month were especially unusual, and delightfully so. It would have been just impossible to wipe the smirk off of everyones faces. Simply put, it was the best month of May we’ve seen in a very long time.

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Honeymoon Island Gallery: 1:30pm, Thurs, May 25th

We’ve had some astoundingly fun cleanup days this spring.  Continue reading Honeymoon Island Gallery: 1:30pm, Thurs, May 25th

Surf Forecast for Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th

On Wednesday another cold front moves into the gulf and brings up the surf.  I can see there being surf all day Wednesday and all day Thursday.  It starts out as a southwest swell on Wednesday, gusting to 20 knots or higher.  Winds could be in excess of 20 knots on Wednesday during the day, seas reaching 5 feet or more by evening.  Thursday morning the swell will peak around 6 feet or more.  Expect highs in the mid 80s with a rain chance of about 60% on Wednesday and 40% on Thursday.  Don’t forget to check in for the surf’s up surf report to see what’s happening at the beach.

A Spring Cold Front at Honeymoon

If your browser can’t play this video try Firefox or Chrome.