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Sand Key Lifeguards

Lifeguards and fire rescue play a central role in water safety on many of the beaches of Pinellas County. These individuals who are trained in lifesaving, first aid, and water safety help ensure visitors enjoy a safe day at the beach.

Comfortable in all conditions, you might even see the lifeguards in the water when the surf’s up. Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer, surfing is a year round activity. ¬†Below you can watch a video with two of the lifeguards and many other surfers enjoying the fun surf at Sand Key.

Please note: Pinellas County provides lifeguards at designated swim areas from March to September (Labor Day). Hours of operation may vary due to staff availability and weather conditions. Check lifeguard towers for conditions and coverage. Swim at your own risk when lifeguards are not on duty.


Fall 2017: A Change In The Weather Pattern

The cold front forecast to move into the area this weekend did indeed, but as a very slowly moving semi-stalled front, what’s being called a surface trough. As this feature made its way into the gulf it completely sheared apart the semi-tropical low that was spinning away in the gulf yesterday. We’re going to see a big change in the weather pattern from the tightening pressure gradient. Wind coming from the middle and east side of the state at similar latitudes will keep high temperatures. Starting tomorrow morning, the big change will come as moderate to strong east wind and lower humidity. The gradient loosens by Friday morning, and we’ll be back in a pattern of slack winds with afternoon sea breezes by next weekend.