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Full Moons of January 2018 will be Supermoons and Good For Fishing

January of 2018 will have two very big, bright full moons. The moon on the first of January is commonly called a wolf moon.  Both moons are considered supermoons because they are visible along the moon’s closest orbital point around the earth, giving it a larger Continue reading Full Moons of January 2018 will be Supermoons and Good For Fishing

Fishing Terms: How to Go Saltwater Fishing

Fishing has a unique set of vernacular like any other sport.  While in the pursuit of the best fish we’ve found that certain things stand out.  In describing those things there’s either already a descriptive term for it, fisherman have made their own term for something with a generic name, or something’s been given a unique name.  This is a list of those common inshore fishing concepts to know about. Continue reading Fishing Terms: How to Go Saltwater Fishing

Winter Fishing Pattern

The first front of the winter season helps gulf and east coast surfers gauge what the rest of the winter will be like.  If the first front was blue skies, then northwest wind with overcast skies, then east wind with no surf, then returning to southeast  wind until the next front moves close enough to effect our weather, you can expect the rest of the winter cold fronts to proceed in a similar or identical pattern.

This is also important for fishing, because when the fish are biting, they tend to follow that pattern for the rest of the winter.  For example if the fish are feeding after the pressure drops, they will tend to feed after the pressure drop every winter.  If they feed before the pressure drop, along with most pressure drops the fish will be feeding.  Frequently, the pattern consists of fish feeding right before the front moves through and as the pressure drops.