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Sand Key Lifeguards

Lifeguards and fire rescue play a central role in water safety on many of the beaches of Pinellas County. These individuals who are trained in lifesaving, first aid, and water safety help ensure visitors enjoy a safe day at the beach. Continue reading Sand Key Lifeguards

Independence Day 2017: Fourth of July Weather Forecast

As we move through this fourth of July weekend and approach this Tuesday Independence Day, you might be starting to wonder if rain will dampen your fireworks plans. We’ve had day after day of rain for the past few days, and this upcoming week will be no different. Rain is forecast for the rest of the week at around 50% each day. But the question remains: Will there be rain during the fireworks displays on Tuesday evening?

Rain chances this year are like many Fourth of July holidays. The rain chances will be much higher during the day while the bright sun is at its hottest. By 8:30 the sun will begin to set, and we’ll enter twilight. You can expect the rain chances to quickly drop as we approach sunset. Immediately after the sun sets, the rain chances drop to 5%. With those low rain chances there will still be the possibility of scattered showers like the picture above, however rain isn’t likely to interrupt the fireworks start time. If all goes as planned, we’ll have another bright, colorful Independence Day celebration.

Public Parking on Clearwater Beach

This is a lot by lot listing of the public parking on Clearwater Beach and Sand Key with addresses and landmarks: Continue reading Public Parking on Clearwater Beach

Free Parking on Clearwater Beach

Free Parking on Clearwater Beach

I have bad news for those of you who used to frequent the Idlewild and Glendale streets area of Clearwater Beach.  The stretch of beach associated with the main area of free parking spaces on the beach no longer has free parking spaces. The parking spaces that lined the street along Mandalay Avenue have been converted to metered spaces.  And, the spaces on the streets on Glendale and Idlewild have also been converted to metered parking spaces. Now, if you want to park along that iconic stretch of Clearwater Beach, you’ll have to pay the outrageous hourly prices prorated by the parking meters on a seasonal basis. Continue reading Free Parking on Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach Parking

Clearwater Beach Parking

Full list of on the beach public parking lots by address.

Clearwater Beach is in rapid expansion.  The beach is becoming more densely built, and people are flocking to the beach.  Parking can be difficult to find on this densely constructed island.  Some of the parking along the beach is at north beach, south beach, and Sand Key.  Continue reading Clearwater Beach Parking

Stingray Shuffle

Stingrays are all over the beaches.  This species of fish are a rounded shape with a small, long tail, with a sharp barb attached at the base of the tail.  This fish camoflauges into its environment to hide from predators.  Its defense against predators is the sharp barb attached at the base of the tail.  If you step on these fish, they use their barb and tail to defend themselves. Continue reading Stingray Shuffle