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Surf’s Up Surf Report: 1pm, 02/23/18 – Small Glassy Groundswell on a Sunny Friday

1pm Surf’s Up Surf Report :

A small 2 foot swell at an 8 second interval is making its way to the beach. The surf seems to be on the rise with the incoming tide. The high tide peaks at 6 pm this evening. Another significant change in the weather pattern in coming within the next 6-10 days bringing a cold front with prevailing west southwest winds, and the potential for more to follow.

Surf Contest at Sebastion Inlet State Park

One of the newest additions to the QS north American circuit should run tomorrow. Are you thinking about giving professional surfing a go? This contest is a great way to get qs points, particularly if your a girl. It’s a Mens 1500, and most notably, the winning female will load up with 6000 QS points! It’s also going to be hard to overlook the 55 thousand dollar women’s prize purse. This is a big one!

A Gallery from Honeymoon, Sand Key, and Clearwater Pass in January

The pictures in this gallery were photographed over a period of three days, Jan 12-14, 2018. Some of the surfers from this Gallery are August, Yannis, Dave White, Hunter Kimbel, Reily, and Landon Perinno. You should also note some interesting things from this gallery:
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