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Surf’s Up Surf Report: 1pm, 02/23/18 – Small Glassy Groundswell on a Sunny Friday

1pm Surf’s Up Surf Report :

A small 2 foot swell at an 8 second interval is making its way to the beach. The surf seems to be on the rise with the incoming tide. The high tide peaks at 6 pm this evening. Another significant change in the weather pattern is coming within the next 6-10 days bringing a cold front with prevailing west southwest winds, and the potential for more to follow.

Quiksilver CEO Pierre Agnes Dissapears into the Atlantic Ocean

Quiksilver lost an important part of the company just days ago. Pierre Agnes, Quiksilver’s chief executive officer, was out on an early morning boating trip never to return. His boat was found washed up on the French coast near La Graviere in Hossegor, an iconic world tour spot. After discovering the boat, French officials searched for Mr. Agnes in the hopes of finding him adrift. However, he was not found, and the search was just called off. The surfing world is saying goodbye to a most influential leader.

Surfboard Shapers at the Surf Expo, January 2018