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Memorial Causeway is Opening At 4pm

About 25 minutes from now, at 4pm, the Clearwater police at the Memorial Causeway  bridge are expecting to open the bridge back up to traffic. This will allow traffic to flow regularly to and from Clearwater Beach.  There are still high winds, but the storm surge and flooding doesn’t look terribly catastrophic  from the mainland.  Beachgoers will soon get their first look at the islands after the storm. I’m also hoping to bring you the first Hurricane Irma surf report as soon as the islands open back up.

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Hurricane Irma: Sandbags in Pinellas County

Sandbag distribution locations were opened today in response to Hurricane Irma for unincorporated parts of Pinellas County. These locations are being inundated with people looking for sandbags to protect their homes from flood and rainwater. Currently, the wait for sandbags is 2 hours. There’s a lot of sand according to the park ranger directing traffic, but if your in a low lying area it might be worth the wait, because the sand could run out like it did today in Clearwater.  Sandbags will help with Continue reading Hurricane Irma: Sandbags in Pinellas County

Honeymoon Island State Park is Paving the Way

Honeymoon Island is adding a safer way to ride the park by bicycle.  As the park is, there are no bike trails or sidewalks designed for bikes in the park.  A paved bike trail through the park is currently in the works.  The trail plans will be going out to bid in the next week or two according to Park Manager Pete Krulder.  The plans include a new, approximately 10 foot wide trail connecting to the trail at the entrance of the park.  The trail will go through the toll booth area, run along the park interior through the parking lot areas, and end in the back of the park near the nature trail.  Paving of the trail is expected to begin by the end of the summer.

Downtown St. Pete Concrete Skate Park

The concrete skate park company that brought you the parks in Dunedin, New Smyrna Beach, and 28 other locations in the state of Florida are bringing you a concrete park in downtown St. Pete after the final design plans (image) were recently approved by the city. The Team Pain design is being touted as one of the largest skate parks in Florida, at 28,000 square feet, give or take. There is even a snake run into something very similar to the once iconic, but no longer existent bro bowl. A major contributor to this accomplishment was the Skate Park Alliance who had been pushing for the park for years. The park will be located right next to Tropicana Field.  The groundbreaking on this city funded 1.25 million dollar project begins on Friday.

Campbell Park
601 14th St. S.
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Barrier Islands Renourishment Project

Another renourishment project is scheduled to begin in the coming months along a large portion of the Pinellas County beaches. The project which is anticipated to cost 31.8 million dollars, funded jointly by the county, the state, and federal government, is likely to be awarded Continue reading Barrier Islands Renourishment Project