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This is page is for beginners and experienced surfers alike.

The Gnarly Charley Surf Series July Contest

The Gnarly Charley Surf Series is a series of surf events for kids.  It’s held on the beaches of the east coast, primarily Florida.  It’s a mentorship and grooming contest series for kids who want to learn to surf in competitions, and it’s an opportunity for kids to be around good role models and other kids.  The contests run from summer through mid-fall. The full schedule of events can be found on the surf series website.


A How To Surf Series by Hurley

Many of the intricacies and terminologies of surfing’s most central maneuvers are broken down piece by piece in this series by Hurley.  It includes many of the best surfers in the world with narration by legendary surfers.  They show the detailed commonalities you’ll find between surfers who have perfected these maneuvers along with the subtle style differences and preferences of these professionals.  Indeed, a well done how to surf series.

Dawn Patrolling Sand Key Park Gallery

Willet 4
Continue reading Dawn Patrolling Sand Key Park Gallery

Places to Surf Along the Gulf Coast

When you consider that the nature of the coast is all the same, white sand beaches for miles and miles, you might develop an ill conceived belief that all surf spots are created equal; that just isn’t the case.  There are many spots, and all break differently under a variety of environmental conditions. One thing’s for sure, along the gulf coast you can find some super fun beach breaks. Continue reading Places to Surf Along the Gulf Coast

Stephany Gilmore Surf Lesson

Six time world champion charges big sections in this video with a voiceover by the lovely lady herself. She says how her experience in the water has helped her understand how to determine the best waves when she walks down to the beach. She mentions the importance of paddling out through the channel, an especially important thing in conditions like they have on the North Shore. Paddling and positioning are discussed as extremely important, and certainly so in treacherous conditions. I’ll tell you what, this girl knows what she’s talking about.

Morning Surfing

Why the morning?  What’s so good about the mornings?  There are afternoons and evenings with incoming tides.  What makes the morning so good, I ask myself as I looked at the crappy surf this afternoon, looking at the wonky waves pushing across the super low tide sandbar. Continue reading Morning Surfing