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Shark Attack in Jacksonville, Florida Yesterday While Surfing Hurricane Maria

The poles is an iconic surf spot in Jacksonville, Florida known for its hollow barrels, and protected jetty just a thousand yards away. Bordered by the Mayport naval station this spot sits just on the edge of a no beach entry zone. Yesterday, while Hurricane Maria was weakening, at the time down to 80mph winds on Monday, the surf from the overnight 105mph strength winds was filling in at the coast. Surfers eager to score thumping barrels with air winds at the Mayport poles were out in the lineup searching for a few gems. Unfortunately, we’re in the time of year when shark attacks are most frequent. The month of September poses the highest risk of being attacked by a shark since waters are warmest and fish species flourish along the coast. Yesterday at the poles a surfer was attacked by a shark while in the water during this epic Hurricane Maria surf. This is an unfortunate, but not completely shocking incident. Surf report/shark attack image by the long time Jacksonville, Mayport Poles surf reporter:


Cody Thompson and Carl Rosen

What’s rad about this video is the way Cody talks about his feelings for the Jacksonville area, not to mention the clips are absolute fire. But, we listen to him talk about growing up with his father right on the beach while we see a vision of the famous Jacksonville pier. We also hear him mention that his brother lives just down the road from where he lives.  It’s cool, because it’s sort of how I think a lot of people grow attached to the place they live and the waves they surf. Love from caregivers during youth plays a pivotal role in our attachment for surfing, and the waves and places we associate with that love.

East Coast Surfing: Summer Swells in North Florida

To kick off the hurricane season here’s a rad one from north Florida. Jacksonville has extremely consistent surf. Jax Beach and The Poles are two super popular spots up there. The shredders in this video are some of the east coast of Florida’s best surfers.

On a side note: Analysts are suggesting this may be an above average, average season. Meaning that we may be looking at a season with storm frequencies at the higher end of the previously predicted ranges in the Colorado State University predictions.