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Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall: Sand Key Gallery

The gulf coast was going off today like it was wintertime. Large surf was exploding on the sandbars. Sand Key, aka the zoo, was packed as usual. It was hard to find a bit of shoulder room. Collisions were common and near brushes with death were frequent. The sandbar was shallow, the surf large, and the crowd maxing out.

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East Coast Surfing: Summer Swells in North Florida

To kick off the hurricane season here’s a rad one from north Florida. Jacksonville has extremely consistent surf. Jax Beach and The Poles are two super popular spots up there. The shredders in this video are some of the east coast of Florida’s best surfers.

On a side note: Analysts are suggesting this may be an above average, average season. Meaning that we may be looking at a season with storm frequencies at the higher end of the previously predicted ranges in the Colorado State University predictions.