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Hurricane Hermine Gulf Surf Gallery

This is a rad photo gallery from Hunter Kimbel, shot during an epic session in Venice.  This was when Hurricane Hermine was bringing swell lines stacked up across the horizon.  Photography by Bayleigh

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Casey Key, Fl Skimboarding

In this video published on December 09, 2011, a young John Akerman and friends were having a blast just north of Venice, Florida at a secret skim spot in Casey Key.  The skim was pumping, lining up perfectly, and the boys were throwing down some epic shuv tricks on some perfect peelers.  These guys are killing it.

Venice Edit

Venice is a gulf surfing spot down in Nokomis.  This place goes off in the wintertime.  It is one of the most consistent surf spots in west Florida. has a decent video page.  There are also a number of other videos on the sites video page: Video Page

Venice Surfing Cleanup Day

This place is an exceptional longboard wave. The waves were lining up down the jetty. There is a solid group of old guys who rule this spot, but this is a video of the youngsters.