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Surf’s Up Surf Report: 5:30pm, Thursday at Treasure Island

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The Surf’s Up Surf Report :

Beach re-nourishment continues on the long time surf spot Upham, a spot that was once a point-like wave that wrapped around the artificial structure in place to hold up the touristy building’s proclaimed front yard. Sand being pulled from offshore is being pumped into the beaches. Rocks are being piled up on the beach around a rock placeholder.  It’s a beach project like no other. Only like the previously identical one at Honeymoon Island, of course. What should you think of all this? Continue reading Surf’s Up Surf Report: 5:30pm, Thursday at Treasure Island

A Surf Ranch in Palm Beach County Florida

Well, it’s official. A new surf ranch by the World Surf League and the Kelly Slater Wave Company is in the preliminary stages of approval. Today in Palm Beach County, Florida, at a zoning meeting, the board of county commissioners voted unanimously in favor of hearing alteration proposals in the zoning rules to allow for a recreational facility in an industrial park just outside Palm Beach. Continue reading A Surf Ranch in Palm Beach County Florida

Tampa International Airport Renovations

Tampa International Airport, or TIA for short, is spending close to a billion dollars to expand and renovate the airport.  The project is estamated to cost $943 million dollars.  After completion the airport will be able to support 35 million passengers each year, more than double the airports current capacity.  The project is intended to “…maximize the capacity and longevity of the existing main terminal facilities while ensuring the high level of service for which TPA is known.” (Airport Master Plan Update, 2013).    This project is coming in the wake of a recovering housing and financial services market, not to mention record low fuel prices. Continue reading Tampa International Airport Renovations

Seafood Restaurant Renovations

The old Crabby Bills at the main round-a-bout on Clearwater Beach is taking on a major renovation project.  The old building is being replaced by this new 3 story facility.  And from what I have heard, this is one of the few restaurants on the island that will cook your catch for you.  The restaurant is expected to reopen in March of 2017.

Clearwater Beach Construction Projects

Clearwater Beach is currently in the largest hotel and resort expansion the island has seen in a very long time.  It may even be the most dramatic expansion Clearwater Beach has ever seen.  There are currently four major construction projects underway.  There is also one large parking garage underway.  The four major projects and the parking garage are listed below. Continue reading Clearwater Beach Construction Projects