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Tropical Storm Franklin is Spinning

We have a newly formed tropical storm this morning. Tropical Strom Franklin was looking good right from the moment it exited the African peninsula. It lost its shape while moving through the Atlantic. It began to reform within the past day or two. Today, as it nears the gulf, it has enough of a spin to be called a tropical storm. The eye is located Continue reading Tropical Storm Franklin is Spinning

Skimboarding at 880 Mandalay Ave, Clearwater Beach, Florida

It’s summer, and if your interested in catching a wave this time of year you can usually catch one on a skimboard. During the evening a decent little shore-break wave can come up if enough of a sea-breeze forms, typically from a northwest wind. We usually look for the sea-breeze to start to develop after around 12 noon. By around 4 or 5pm there can be a really fun skimboarding wave at the right spots.

Music: Kevin MacLeod License: If your browser can’t play this video try Firefox or Chrome.

Fall Evening Skimboarding

Mild cold fronts and the baking sun of late fall keep the temperatures in west central Florida comfortable for water activities during a time of the year when other parts of the country are experiencing frigid temperatures and occasional snow storms.  Waves crashing onto shore, then washing up onto the beach, creates a warm, thin layer of water ideal for flatland skimboarding.  Skimboarding is a fun beach activity during just about any time of year.  These guys were having a ball skimboarding at the park during a recent cold front. Continue reading Fall Evening Skimboarding

Alex Chapin Skimboarding Videos

Someone please tell me what has happened to Alex Chapin. Last I heard he moved to the east coast, but word on the street is, he is moving back. But, that may just be a rumor.  Here are a couple rad edits by Mr. Chapin:


Continue reading Alex Chapin Skimboarding Videos

Casey Key, Fl Skimboarding

In this video published on December 09, 2011, a young John Akerman and friends were having a blast just north of Venice, Florida at a secret skim spot in Casey Key.  The skim was pumping, lining up perfectly, and the boys were throwing down some epic shuv tricks on some perfect peelers.  These guys are killing it.

Skim Surfing

In this latest edit three activities were combined, well, four different activities into one video. Along the white sand beaches of the gulf coast of Florida we’ve been surfing, fishing, skimboarding, and “skim-surfing.” On this small day of surf, and what was a good day of skim, John really impressed onlookers with his creative new use for a fun shape surfboard. The spring-time had a few fun days of surf this year, plenty of fun days of skim, and the fishing was steaming hot.