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The east coast gets fantastic surf.

Surf Contest at Sebastion Inlet State Park

One of the newest additions to the QS north American circuit should run tomorrow. Are you thinking about giving professional surfing a go? This contest is a great way to get qs points, particularly if your a girl. It’s a Mens 1500, and most notably, the winning female will load up with 6000 QS points! It’s also going to be hard to overlook the 55 thousand dollar women’s prize purse. This is a big one!

Shark Attack in Jacksonville, Florida Yesterday While Surfing Hurricane Maria

The poles is an iconic surf spot in Jacksonville, Florida known for its hollow barrels, and protected jetty just a thousand yards away. Bordered by the Mayport naval station this spot sits just on the edge of a no beach entry zone. Yesterday, while Hurricane Maria was weakening, at the time down to 80mph winds on Monday, the surf from the overnight 105mph strength winds was filling in at the coast. Surfers eager to score thumping barrels with air winds at the Mayport poles were out in the lineup searching for a few gems. Unfortunately, we’re in the time of year when shark attacks are most frequent. The month of September poses the highest risk of being attacked by a shark since waters are warmest and fish species flourish along the coast. Yesterday at the poles a surfer was attacked by a shark while in the water during this epic Hurricane Maria surf. This is an unfortunate, but not completely shocking incident. Surf report/shark attack image by the long time Jacksonville, Mayport Poles surf reporter:


The Gnarly Charley Surf Series July Contest

The Gnarly Charley Surf Series is a series of surf events for kids.  It’s held on the beaches of the east coast, primarily Florida.  It’s a mentorship and grooming contest series for kids who want to learn to surf in competitions, and it’s an opportunity for kids to be around good role models and other kids.  The contests run from summer through mid-fall. The full schedule of events can be found on the surf series website.


Matthew Carnage

Dalton Smith and Corey Howell went for a cruise along the east coast of Florida to explore carnage left after Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc along the coast. Trees were uprooted, railroad structures were damaged, streets were flooded, and property was damaged. This is what happens when a category three storm with maximum sustained winds around 120 miles per hour brushes the coast. Continue reading Matthew Carnage