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Surf Forecast: For Tuesday & Wednesday, June 06 & 07, 2017

The environment is starting to heat up.  This rain and thunderstorm activity appears to be associated with a cold front and tropical low (pictured above).   The tropical like weather will continue over the next few days, and bring southwest winds. Tuesday our surf comes up.  SWAN has it at 4-5 feet by 3pm.  By evening on Tuesday a solid southwest flow will be in place.

Yucatan Channel fetch

The winds will only be around 15 knots, but there is a lot of fetch.  Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening will be in the 4-5 foot seas range.  West Florida water temperatures are at 84°, and rain chances at 70%.  The mornings and evenings will be the time to surf.

Sand Key Video: Thrashing Sand Key in May

I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again. That was a really awesome May.  This video features high performance surfing from an incredible spring swell, just one swell of a series of swells from this epic month. The warm conditions and high surf repeating throughout the month were especially unusual, and delightfully so. It would have been just impossible to wipe the smirk off of everyones faces. Simply put, it was the best month of May we’ve seen in a very long time.

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