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Fishing is massive on the gulf coast. A wide variety of saltwater and freshwater species abound. The comfortable year round temperatures are ideal for fishing.

Full Moons of January 2018 will be Supermoons and Good For Fishing

January of 2018 will have two very big, bright full moons. The moon on the first of January is commonly called a wolf moon.  Both moons are considered supermoons because they are visible along the moon’s closest orbital point around the earth, giving it a larger Continue reading Full Moons of January 2018 will be Supermoons and Good For Fishing

Fishing Terms: How to Go Saltwater Fishing

Fishing has a unique set of vernacular like any other sport.  While in the pursuit of the best fish we’ve found that certain things stand out.  In describing those things there’s either already a descriptive term for it, fisherman have made their own term for something with a generic name, or something’s been given a unique name.  This is a list of those common inshore fishing concepts to know about. Continue reading Fishing Terms: How to Go Saltwater Fishing

Father’s Day Snook Fishing

Father’s day is fun because it’s the day when we get to think about all the things that make our fathers so important to us, the things that make fathers unique, the good and the bad that we love so much about them. Here’s to Continue reading Father’s Day Snook Fishing

What’s Happening with Goliath Grouper?

The tasty goliath grouper has been prohibited as a fish to be harvested or possessed in state and federal waters since 1990. Some people think goliath grouper are at a point where they can be harvested. This massive fish has become highly prevalent in the waters of the Gulf.  Tampa Bay goliath grouper have had an especially high increase in abundance Continue reading What’s Happening with Goliath Grouper?

Mangrove Snapper in the Summer


07-22-2016 Haul

These tasty specimens are fish from the snapper family.  Mangrove Snapper, also known as Grey Snapper, can be caught inshore during the summer months, often mixed in with redfish, or congregating along structure in schools ranging in size from 10 to 100 fish. Continue reading Mangrove Snapper in the Summer

July Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon fishing is hot up here in north Pinellas. The bite is still on. Go cruise on the beach during these light windy week-day conditions, and you’ll see quite a few tarpon fisherman out there hunting the silver king. Pinfish and thread-fins are good baits for tarpon. Just wait until you jump your first tarpon. You’ll be hooked for life.