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As an outdoor enthusiast, it’s vital to know what the weather is doing. Especially in Florida where lightning is so common, you should be aware of the forecast. It’s helpful to know about not only the tides and the weather forecast, but major regional and global weather events.

Surf’s Up Surf Report: 1pm, 02/23/18 – Small Glassy Groundswell on a Sunny Friday

1pm Surf’s Up Surf Report :

A small 2 foot swell at an 8 second interval is making its way to the beach. The surf seems to be on the rise with the incoming tide. The high tide peaks at 6 pm this evening. Another significant change in the weather pattern is coming within the next 6-10 days bringing a cold front with prevailing west southwest winds, and the potential for more to follow.

Surf’s Up Surf Report: 2pm & 3:45pm mini lines with a wait

The Surf’s Up Surf Report :

The surf is kind of small and inconsistent. It’s likely to get better as the tide comes in over the next few hours.

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The Surf’s Up Surf Report :

Winter Weather in Florida: Water Temperature on the Rise. 02/09/2018

The water temperature was down in the low, mid, and upper fifties for weeks.  We recently jumped back above that 60 degree mark, and it’s safe to say we’re in a warming trend.  The water could rise into the upper 60s in the coming weeks nearing 70 degrees if another significant cold front doesn’t come sweeping across the gulf. The water temperature got up to 63°F today!  We’ll be comfortably wearing springsuits before you know it.

Watch it rise:
Clearwater Beach Station

Weather Forecast: A wave on Monday/Tuesday.

The winds have already increased before the arrival of the upcoming cold front. Surf’s up on Monday right before dark; 5ft@6sec northwest swell will be filling in. It will be around chest high at the key, waist-chest high with longer rides at honeymoon with semi-offshore winds. We’ll have to watch for the precise north wind shift to see when honeymoon goes offshore. A cold blast of air is following this cold front. The water is already in the upper 50s, and the front will be bringing the water and air temps down again. Monday evening will be the warmest time to surf if you want to surf this next cold front, but also the choppiest. The first hour when the swell starts filling in is usually really fun! Tuesday morning the surf will continue.  The winds will be offshore at certain spots. Tuesday morning looks like a fun little cleanup. The temperatures will be dropping into the fourties by Wednesday morning.

Check out this cool link(click image) to personal weather stations around the area. This one is from the Speckled Trout Marina: