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Surf’s Up Surf Report: Frigid January, Noon & 3:30pm, Thursday 01/04/18

The Surf’s Up Surf Report :

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3:30pm Surf’s Up Surf Report :

Surf’s Up Surf Report: New Years Day Swell

The surf is on the rise this morning. It looks like a longboard wave at the moment from the buoys, but the cams are suggesting otherwise. The wind is from the North, but the waves appear to be a west or west southwest swell.  The buoys are only pinging around 3 feet @ 5 seconds, but the beaches are lit up with whitewater.  It could be just slighter better than the buoy readings are suggesting.  The water is 65 this morning.  The wind is likely to shift to the north for a while after this pulse of swell, and before the secondary swell fills in on Thursday and Friday. While the wind is from the north the swell will drop some, but is likely to linger as a small North swell until later in the week.  The tides for today and the upcoming swell on Thursday and Friday are morning/midday incoming tides. Check your beaches tides for the specific times. With air in the upper 50s, low 60s and water at 65 degrees the conditions may still be comfortable in the three mil today.  So, if your not too hung over, you’ve got a big floaty board, and nothing to do, you can always head down to the the beach and go surfing.