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Sand Key Bridge Spearfishing

What an incredible time of year for spearfishing.  The water Continue reading Sand Key Bridge Spearfishing

Tyler’s Spring Kingfish

Tyler has been absolutely crushing it.  The kingfish are thick on the nearshore reefs.  Things are heating up quick. This ones been gaffed, and it’s gushing blood.  That’s why you see a red tint on its coloration. This beast is going to make some epic fish spread.


Beach Snook

This fishing trip was a snook fishing trip.  We started our trip around 3pm, after the daily temperatures had peaked, and the day began to start cooling back down.  We planned our trip around where Travis and I thought the snook would be.  Just two weeks ago the snook were stacked up inside the coves during the spring high tides, but we were anticipating the fish thick on the beaches and in the passes. Continue reading Beach Snook

Ozona, Florida Snook and Redfish

It’s March 13, and redfish are still in the coves and along docks, but the water just jumped from 65 to 70 degrees. So that means snook are becoming a targetable species as they begin to move out of the back-country and towards the beaches for their annual spawn.

Venice, Florida Surfing: Tayler and Cavin Brothers

The Brothers family are extremely talented individuals. Continue reading Venice, Florida Surfing: Tayler and Cavin Brothers

Shark Fishing 2011

Between the barrier islands water flushes through during major moon phases.  In this area where water funnels between the islands, a wide variety of species travel through these passes.  Tarpon, sharks, and cobia will use these passes to catch fish and crabs that get transported by the strong currents on these major moon phases.  It’s super fun to hook one the sharks and watch them thrash on the surface.  Shark fishing is super fun.