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Tropical Storm Emily Honeymoon Island State Park Surfing Photo Gallery

Clearwater Beach Tourism Video

Clearwater Beach is a great place to enjoy the spectacular spring weather.  Just a trip over the Memorial Causeway and your on the island.  Drive down Coronado, stroll Beach Walk, and enjoy the white sand.  There’s lots to do on Clearwater Beach.

Fall Evening Skimboarding

Mild cold fronts and the baking sun of late fall keep the temperatures in west central Florida comfortable for water activities during a time of the year when other parts of the country are experiencing frigid temperatures and occasional snow storms.  Waves crashing onto shore, then washing up onto the beach, creates a warm, thin layer of water ideal for flatland skimboarding.  Skimboarding is a fun beach activity during just about any time of year.  These guys were having a ball skimboarding at the park during a recent cold front. Continue reading Fall Evening Skimboarding