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Recent Decision to Reclassify the Manatee

The once sparse manatee has reached a population denisty to neccesitate the reclassification from endangered to threatened.  The US Fish and Wildlife Service made the announcement on March 30th, 2017.  The official decision Continue reading Recent Decision to Reclassify the Manatee

Saltwater Grass Flats Data Collection by the Keys Fisheries Research Team

Data collection like the siene collections we see here are only a small part of understanding fisheries, but still a useful tool.  After fisheries data is collected, it is eventually collated into a research article or report. Over time those reports are combined to create articles that explain trends. Then, after a large amount of data is collected, a researcher may even review the reviews, so she can create something called a synthesis, a document summarizing all the findings across the summary articles. These articles and reports can then be used to guide funding related decisions.   We must, of course, always consider the limitations of the data.

Shark Deterrent Wristband

Let’s start this product review by taking a look at the evidence used to show the Sharkbanz product and the claim, which is that this magnetic wristband “really works” at “deterring sharks.” A claim stated using “scientific evidence.” Continue reading Shark Deterrent Wristband

Wastewater Triggered Red Tide (K. brevis)

Red tide is engulfing the coastline after a nasty wastewater spill may have triggered an intense algal bloom. Hurricane Hermine made landfall on the northern gulf coast of Florida on September second. The repeated bouts of rain put many of the aging sewage systems into overload. Even with sewage plants purging water pre-storm, the sewage systems became overloaded. Wastewater was lost into Tampa Bay, wastewater that was quickly washed into the gulf.  Wastewater can be a trigger for the naturally occurring Red Tide (K. brevis) blooms. Continue reading Wastewater Triggered Red Tide (K. brevis)

Dunedin Live Reef threatened by Beach Renourishment

Many beaches along the coastline of the gulf have pieces of structure left over from when structures were removed.  You will find cement and wood piling along much of the coastline from old piers and jetties.  Less frequent are completely submerged Continue reading Dunedin Live Reef threatened by Beach Renourishment