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Longboarding Anna Maria

The November 22nd cold front pushed through overnight.  It arrived to our area early in the morning on Sunday. Behind the wake of north northwest and northwest winds northeast winds followed, eventually turning east, leaving glassy waist high lines filling in up and down the coast. Windy surfing days Continue reading Longboarding Anna Maria

Hermine Clip

As the rain was pouring down, Austin and I managed to get a quick clip of the shorebreak surf. Off in the background loomed a nasty squall storm. There was a bolt of lightning or two, but not enough to chase many people out of the water. As the tide dropped, and the swell increased, the outside sandbar began to break. The rain from tropical storm Hermine poured for the whole day.

Three Piers Video

Hurricane Hermine is out there churning away. This morning, when this video was shot, Hermine was still a tropical storm. This is tropical storm grade surf. Hermine was upgraded to a hurricane just before 4pm. The gnarly rain and wind that lasted for the rest of the day kicked in around noon. Not bad for a measly little tropical storm.

Tropical Storm Hermine: Three Piers

At the present moment there is a tropical storm warning for the northern portion of west Florida, only stretching as far south as the Anclote area. The storm surge is expected to contribute to swelling of the river and waterways. Overflow is likely to occur. Places with poor drainage are likely to Continue reading Tropical Storm Hermine: Three Piers

Surfing Websites

Gulfster’s second most watched video was published in 2006, and since 2006 has generated a little over 13 thousand view. This video is of some of the boys in pumping, picturesque green surf, during what was undoubtedly a mild gulf coast winter day. It was published in a vibrant time in gulf surfing history, when skim contests were abundant, and gulf coast produced video premieres were common. This video stands as a testament to a lost era.