Winter Weather in Florida: Water Temperature on the Rise. 02/09/2018

The water temperature was down in the low, mid, and upper fifties for weeks.  We recently jumped back above that 60 degree mark, and it’s safe to say we’re in a warming trend.  The water could rise into the upper 60s in the coming weeks nearing 70 degrees if another significant cold front doesn’t come sweeping across the gulf. The water temperature got up to 63°F today!  We’ll be comfortably wearing springsuits before you know it.

Watch it rise:
Clearwater Beach Station

First Month of 2018

How is your 2018 going? We just finished up with the first month of the year. Have you had any recent epic sessions with no one out? Did you score an awesome wave? Find a cool new beach? Make some new surf buddies? Lets chat about how awesome our new years have been with the comment area within this post. And, enjoy these absolutly awesome sunset pictures from late February 2016 at Honeymoon Island. Click the post title to access the comment thread!

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