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Surf Contest at Sebastion Inlet State Park

One of the newest additions to the QS north American circuit should run tomorrow. Are you thinking about giving professional surfing a go? This contest is a great way to get qs points, particularly if your a girl. It’s a Mens 1500, and most notably, the winning female will load up with 6000 QS points! It’s also going to be hard to overlook the 55 thousand dollar women’s prize purse. This is a big one!

Joogers, Nubbers, and Gorkin

Round round get around, I get around.  The Beach Boys said it just right.  Trekking from NSB, NJ, and the Gulf, these guys made it to the inlet a few days ago to shred some Fall tubes.  Highlights include a few mental clips of Gorkin at the inlet that should put a smile on your face. Continue reading Joogers, Nubbers, and Gorkin

Tow-Ats with Matt Kechele and John Akerman

Matt Kechele pulled his ski out on a glassy little little day down at the inlet with our friend John Akerman. What better thing to do on a small day down at the inlet than to tow into some wedging swell. Seeing John Akerman tear into liners on a skimboard dubbed over a track from the John John Florence movie is sure to delight. Continue reading Tow-Ats with Matt Kechele and John Akerman