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Surfing North Clearwater Beach with Caio Adams

Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall: Sand Key Gallery

The gulf coast was going off today like it was wintertime. Large surf was exploding on the sandbars. Sand Key, aka the zoo, was packed as usual. It was hard to find a bit of shoulder room. Collisions were common and near brushes with death were frequent. The sandbar was shallow, the surf large, and the crowd maxing out.

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Venice Edit

Venice is a gulf surfing spot down in Nokomis.  This place goes off in the wintertime.  It is one of the most consistent surf spots in west Florida.   VeniceJetty.com has a decent video page.  There are also a number of other videos on the sites video page: VeniceJetty.com Video Page

Surfing Websites

Gulfster’s second most watched video was published in 2006, and since 2006 has generated a little over 13 thousand view. This video is of some of the boys in pumping, picturesque green surf, during what was undoubtedly a mild gulf coast winter day. It was published in a vibrant time in gulf surfing history, when skim contests were abundant, and gulf coast produced video premieres were common. This video stands as a testament to a lost era.