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Skimboarding at 880 Mandalay Ave, Clearwater Beach, Florida

It’s summer, and if your interested in catching a wave this time of year you can usually catch one on a skimboard. During the evening a decent little shore-break wave can come up if enough of a sea-breeze forms, typically from a northwest wind. We usually look for the sea-breeze to start to develop after around 12 noon. By around 4 or 5pm there can be a really fun skimboarding wave at the right spots.

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Clearwater Beach Tourism Video

Clearwater Beach is a great place to enjoy the spectacular spring weather.  Just a trip over the Memorial Causeway and your on the island.  Drive down Coronado, stroll Beach Walk, and enjoy the white sand.  There’s lots to do on Clearwater Beach.

Places to Surf Along the Gulf Coast

When you consider that the nature of the coast is all the same, white sand beaches for miles and miles, you might develop an ill conceived belief that all surf spots are created equal; that just isn’t the case.  There are many spots, and all break differently under a variety of environmental conditions. One thing’s for sure, along the gulf coast you can find some super fun beach breaks. Continue reading Places to Surf Along the Gulf Coast