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Let’s Play Guess That Seashell! – Rental Properties

Many rentals come standard with beach oriented decor, from blankets, to bath towels, to bead-spreads, to picture frames, to doormats.  It’s not uncommon to find shells at a rental in the west Florida region used as beachy decor or just left there by visitors, especially at rentals located on or near the beach.  The series of pictures below are from a rental in Heritage Springs in New Port Richey about 25 minutes north of Honeymoon Island.  This rental had a couple small decorative plates on a bookshelf with the spoils of perfectly intact seashells from a great trip to the beach! Let’s see how many of these seashells we know the names of.  This will be a challenge, because many of these are not commonly known names. Name as many as you can, and use as specific of names as you can. Don’t cheat by going to the species library, because many of them have already been added to the library.  Add your answers as a comment below.


Walking on Honeymoon Island

What a beautiful day today for a nice stroll on the beach! We listened to the soft roar of the gentle waves lapping onto the white sand beach as we walked the edge of the mangroves enjoying the nice warm Florida sun and searching for buried treasure (shells) brought to shore overnight. More Pictures

Harvey Swell Gallery: Friday Evening Cleanup