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Tropical Storm Franklin is Spinning

We have a newly formed tropical storm this morning. Tropical Strom Franklin was looking good right from the moment it exited the African peninsula. It lost its shape while moving through the Atlantic. It began to reform within the past day or two. Today, as it nears the gulf, it has enough of a spin to be called a tropical storm. The eye is located Continue reading Tropical Storm Franklin is Spinning

Tropical Storm Emily Honeymoon Island State Park Surfing Photo Gallery

NOAA Hurricane Outlook

You may remember back at the beginning of April, the Klotzback report was published summarizing the expectations for the upcoming hurricane season.  Those finding suggested the season would Continue reading NOAA Hurricane Outlook

Sharing is Caring: A Tropical Low Pressure Surf Video

It was mostly sunny after around 11am. By mid-day the winds were pretty much completely offshore. The lineup was crowded, but that’s just what you can expect this time of year on a sunny day. A lot of people were out having fun in the playful little surf. There were even a few snook to be had off the end of the jetty during the outgoing tide. A great day from the start when a nearly perfect rainbow formed to this afternoon glassy surf.
If your browser can’t play this video try Firefox or Chrome. Song by Audionautix, license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.