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The Winter Surf Expo of 2017

Event Details

Description: Another round of the the most exciting trade show on the east coast happens next week/weekend.  The winter-time surf expo brings together every surf and specialty company on the east coast.  This event is an absolute must. Continue reading The Winter Surf Expo of 2017

Surf Expo: Summer 2016

If your wondering what’s going on with the latest and greatest in surfboards, beach clothing, and anything even resembling the surfing world, the surf expo is the place to look. This amalgamation of surf companies comprises the entire surfing industry. What better place to meet the legends of surfing, view the hottest women on the planet strutting around in skimpy bikinis, and test out the latest and greatest in surf tech. Today is the last day! I know I’ll be back.

Groms Rip
Groms Rip