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Retro Wetsuit from Body Glove

Body Glove has a retro line of clothing designed around the bright colors and cuts of the retro era. To go along with the clothing they’ve added two retro wetsuits. The wetsuits are bright, high contrast colors in distinctive patterns. They are back zip 3/2 wetsuits with two color patterns, and each one will run you 199 bucks from the BodyGlove.com website.

Caroline Marks wins the US Open of Surfing

While on the east coast to surf a summer-time low I had the opportunity to see the Marks family surfing Continue reading Caroline Marks wins the US Open of Surfing

Dane Reynold

This guy put out a really revolutionary video back in the day. This guy is a progressive surfing pioneer. Youthful surfers are more easily able to pick up tricks when the generation before them master the intricacies of what can be done. Little bit by little bit, surfers push the limits further and further.  Each trick gets pushed a little harder, tweaked a little further, spun a bit longer when creative individuals get bored with the limitations of their existing surfing world.