Tanner Jones Surfing Hurricane Hermine Picture Sequences

During this specific hurricane swell we were expecting massive surf, as is often predicted, but rarely seen. Tanner and I were down at one of the local Clearwater Beach south swell spots, the south Clearwater jetty, or south jetty for short. It was semi-crowded and drifty, so lining up these shots weren’t easy as a photographer or surfer. When the peak of the wave is consistently breaking along one part of the sandbar, but the down-shore drift is stronger than can be swam against, it makes lining up a wave in the short window when the photographer is in front of that section difficult, as you might be able to glean from the distance between camera and surfer for most of these shots. Tanner, being the ripper he is, was able to line up a radical cutback section right in front of the camera, which is actually really impressive considering how mushy and shitty this spot really is.  A few of them turned out pretty rad. Enjoy.

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