A Gallery from Honeymoon, Sand Key, and Clearwater Pass in January

The pictures in this gallery were photographed over a period of three days, Jan 12-14, 2018. Some of the surfers from this Gallery are August, Yannis, Dave White, Hunter Kimbel, Reily, and Landon Perinno. You should also note some interesting things from this gallery:

In one of the pictures towards the beginning there’s a surfer surfing in boardshorts on the big orange longboard, Reily. The water was really cold at the time, around 59 degrees, way too cold for a bathing suit.  That was just a little bit crazy. Read about the water temperature trends right now.

Also at the beginning of this set of pictures you’ll see the big line of storms from the arrival of the front.  This line of storms is where the colder air is pushing through the warmer air.  The morning had been the southwest wind-swell that precedes the front.  The boundary arriving shifted the wind to a more westerly direction.

It can be a lot of fun to jump into the Clearwater pass to try to see if you can catch a few good waves.  It can be a crappy wave or a really fun wave, often unpredictable.  It’s definitely not a wave to surf on a really strong high outgoing tide.  The pass will wash you right out to sea if your not careful.  A pier closer to the gulf was recently added to the pass.  Often, when something is added to a certain place where waves break it collects sand.  The collection of sand can transform a wave.  It’s interesting to see this new pier in the pass where the wave so often morphs, because this pier could make the wave a really good, stable surf spot.  Landon Perinno was catching really long rides in the pass on that last swell from the point to right out in front of the pier.  It looked really fun. You can see a few frames from one really long one.  The pass usually needs a big swell to get going, and it was a reasonably large swell.  Another really cool thing is that it looks as though there is a public boardwalk right to the surf spot.  I’m not absolutely certain who owns the sidewalk, but the hotel security said they don’t mind people surfing, they just don’t want people climbing up and down the rocks.  And actually this kind of makes no sense, because the only way to surf that spot is to climb up and down the rocks.  I’m stoked on this separate boardwalk that leads right to the wave, and I’m under the impression that it’s a public access. The new configuration of the pass looks like it could have some really awesome potential to become an outstanding wave over time.

On the third day, I snuck up onto the rock t-groins at Honeymoon Island.   The tide was just barely low enough to climb onto the rocks without getting soaked, but the tide was coming in.  It was becoming a perilous situation the more time I spent on the rocks shooting video. What a great angle though.

This front was solid.  Three days of fun surf!

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