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Hurricane Harvey Surfing Pictures, Wednesday, 08/30/17

Tropical Storm Emily Honeymoon Island State Park Surfing Photo Gallery

Surf Forecast for Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th

On Wednesday another cold front moves into the gulf and brings up the surf.  I can see there being surf all day Wednesday and all day Thursday.  It starts out as a southwest swell on Wednesday, gusting to 20 knots or higher.  Winds could be in excess of 20 knots on Wednesday during the day, seas reaching 5 feet or more by evening.  Thursday morning the swell will peak around 6 feet or more.  Expect highs in the mid 80s with a rain chance of about 60% on Wednesday and 40% on Thursday.  Don’t forget to check in for the surf’s up surf report to see what’s happening at the beach.

Beach Snook

This fishing trip was a snook fishing trip.  We started our trip around 3pm, after the daily temperatures had peaked, and the day began to start cooling back down.  We planned our trip around where Travis and I thought the snook would be.  Just two weeks ago the snook were stacked up inside the coves during the spring high tides, but we were anticipating the fish thick on the beaches and in the passes. Continue reading Beach Snook