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Rad Video Effects and Aieral Footage of Tampa Bay by Blane Arnold

Harvey Swell Gallery: Friday Evening Cleanup

Tropical Storm Emily Honeymoon Island State Park Surfing Photo Gallery

Beach Snook

This fishing trip was a snook fishing trip.  We started our trip around 3pm, after the daily temperatures had peaked, and the day began to start cooling back down.  We planned our trip around where Travis and I thought the snook would be.  Just two weeks ago the snook were stacked up inside the coves during the spring high tides, but we were anticipating the fish thick on the beaches and in the passes. Continue reading Beach Snook

Golden Hour: A small west swell at Honeymoon Island State Park.

Honeymoon Island pass is the ideal place for paddleboarding.  The waves on the shoals and in the pass break further than anywhere I’ve ever seen.