Used Surfboards

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Bob Bulatowicz Surfboard

Description: This green board was named the Little Incindiary Device. It’s a 5’11, squash tail board. There are some pressure dings on the deck, but it’s nearly new. This is a good board for a lightweight person.
Price: $180.00

Cannibal Surfboard

Description: This is a vaccume bagged Core Vac surfboard. It’s 5’8 with a fish tail. It’s a quad, with a fin box that was recently repaired. It has a channel through the bottom.
Price: $180.00

Martin Surfboard

Description: This 5’11 was glassed with epoxy resin, so it won’t turn yellow. A deep concave, so it holds in big surf. It’s also wide, so it’s fun in small waves.
Price: $150.00

Shaper Dylan Martin, 2014:

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