Hurricane Arthur

Gorkin was smashing, thrashing, and gashing waves this whole swell.  The NSB local was Continue reading Hurricane Arthur

Hurricane Arthur

Hurricane Arthur cruized along the east coast of Florida.  This swell had waves between waist high and over head high.  The size and shape was relatively static.   The second cleanup day of the swell held waves with better shape and longer lines.  Read the three part write up from this swell by clicking the links below.

Arthur Continued

Living a life as a surfer in the state of Florida, especially as a gulf surfer, opportunities to surf are infrequent, random, and require a person a freedom to capitalize on these opportunities.  The knowledge that is required to find the best waves based on seasonal demands and swell directions is something that takes years to master.  What does it take you may ask. Continue reading Arthur Continued

Blackthorne Wreck

We got into about 85 feet of water today.  We fished offshore, just east of a boat called Blackthorne in the gulf. We targeted red grouper, but came up with some interesting by-catch. Continue reading Blackthorne Wreck

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