Spring Break

Spring Break

We are quickly approaching the beginning of spring break! If you didn’t already love the beach, spring break makes many people love it even more.

During spring break the air is especially comfortable, the sand is warm, the skim is fun, and beautiful people flock to the beach. The best parking spaces become hard to find. Entire communities converge on the beach.

The surrounding colleges and universities’ spring break schedule’s are below. Which spring break week is your favorite? As a previous attendee of SPC and USF I would pick those weeks, but anytime during this month should be exceptional weather to relax on the beach.

UT – 6-14th

SPC – 6-13th

Val – 7-13th

UCF – 7-12th

HCC – 14-20th

USF – 14-19th

Ekrd – 26-4th

In addition to all the college students at the beach, many of the snow birds who are still here fill their cars with chairs, coolers, and whatever they can find, clamor down the sidewalks, and plop down on the warm sand to enjoy a nice book, listen to the radio, or simply to people watch. You’ll find young people, old people, and the in between at the beach during this ideal time in Florida’s year.

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