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Weather Forecast: Two cold fronts in the next six days.

The next front is just on our doorstep, and the only good wave maker for the next 7 days. On Tuesday afternoon the surf comes up accompanied by 20 knot winds straight out of the west. The temperatures will actually be rising into the mid 70s during the day on Tuesday, but after the west northwest winds arrive the temperatures will be Continue reading Weather Forecast: Two cold fronts in the next six days.

Weather Forecast: Second Big Cold Front of Fall

Mid-day Friday the surf comes up with the arrival of a significant cold front. Surf will start filling in as the west southwest winds across the middle gulf increase prior to the arrival of the frontal boundary. This should be a fun southy, waist high or better before the front. As early as noon we could be able to surf from all that southwest wind. The next morning, on Saturday, the northwest winds significantly increase in offshore waters.  At the coast, surf will be in the head high plus range with lighter 15+ knot winds. Surf’s up all day on Saturday.  Overnight the winds gust from the north, then switch northeast sometime before or right around sunrise.  Sunday morning a small clean wave and strong side-offshore wind will remain.

The water temperature is currently around 71° in Clearwater, and has been there since the big cool down of the first cold front.  The Fall/Winter pattern continues as temperatures cool again behind this significant cold front.  Friday and Saturday we see a high just above 60°.  Dawn patrollers and sunset gazers will feel things cool off with lows upwards of 49° in the overnight hours.  There was a big full moon phase with strong tides, but we’re getting further away from those bigger tidal swings as you can see in the chart that takes us through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Sand Key Tides - Dec 8-10, 2017


Surf Forecast: A Deep Troughing Cold Front Low

A low associated with a cold front is spinning through the gulf. The surf comes up tomorrow and Friday. It looks like a lot of southwest fetch in the gulf sending a southy into the beaches. Expect offshore southeast winds at the very beginning turning onshore as the low moves west over the state. It won’t be too much more than a longboard wave from this weak low pressure system. The weather will be kind of crummy with a significant increase in the possibility of rain. The high temperatures tomorrow and Friday are around 75°.
Thanksgiving day cold front lowThanksgiving day cold front low winds

Here are your tides for Honeymoon and Treasure Island:
Thanksgiving 2017 tides at Honeymoon Island State ParkTreasure Island tides for Thanksgiving 2017

Weather Forecast: A series of cold fronts and winter preparations.

We’ve got a series of cold fronts slated for the next couple weeks. The first front, which is the one you can see in the featured image above, will just barely inch into the northern gulf, but quickly pull away without cranking up the onshore winds in the northern gulf. The temperatures hold at their current point behind this first front. Continue reading Weather Forecast: A series of cold fronts and winter preparations.

Surf Forecast: Sunday Cold Front 10.29.17

The cold front is now just a day and a half away from bringing the surf back up. This cold front looks really similar to last swell, almost identical in terms of wind strength and temperatuares, but the wind direction will be more from the northwest so the size and shape could be better. The actual low pressure center will be a little bit higher up as it slingshots the frontal boundary through the gulf. That will allow for a more northwesterly wind direction. Sunday the winds increase from the northwest. Sunday night the winds continue to blow from the northwest. Monday morning sometime before sunrise the winds go offshore.

We are making our way into late Fall and early Winter. Gradual averaging drops are happening to the important weather metrics like dew point, air temperature, and water temperature coinciding with the way the earth is orbiting the sun. That will cause the average temperatures to fall ever so slightly as we move through Fall and Winter up until about February.

The First Major Surf Producing Cold Front of Fall 2017 in West Florida

There’s a big cold front moving across the country today. The front will be in the gulf soon, but it’ll take a couple days before the surf comes up. It might be up on Tuesday afternoon with light winds, and you can bet that by Wednesday morning Continue reading The First Major Surf Producing Cold Front of Fall 2017 in West Florida

Weather Forecast: Cold Front, July 30th, 2017

Is it too early to start talking about Fall? It’s not quite Fall, but this cold front doesn’t know that. We’re currently in a pattern of high pressure and light onshore winds with low rain chances. A frontal boundary approaches our area on Sunday. As the front approaches, the pressure gradient will tighten. The tightening pressure gradient will increase the southwest winds. This will increase the humidity and the rain chances. Surf’s up by Sunday afternoon, peaking overnight. Monday the surf continues. The fetch will extend from all the way over by Texas, so the swells should be well formed. The forecast is for 2-4 foot seas at its peak. It’ll be a nice waist high or better swell. The change in the pattern should bring down the temps four or five degrees. Nothing epic, but it could get shortboardable.